The last word that will be heard on planet earth will be…Greece

The last word that will be heard on planet earth will be…Greece 1

Jean Richepin – French Poet, put into words the timeless brand value of Greece:

“The last word that will be heard on planet earth will be…Greece…Bury Greece at the depth of 100m. Bury Italy at the same depth. Empty all of your museums, all around the world. Demolish every Greek building from all over the world.

Then erase every Greek word from everywhere. From your medicine. Your mathematics (geometry, algebra). Your physics, chemistry, your astronomy, your politics and your daily life.

Erase mathematics, erase all shapes, turn the triangle into an octagon, turn the straight line to a curve.

Erase geometry from your buildings, your roads, your games, your cars.

Erase the name of every illness and medicine, erase democracy and politic science.

Erase gravity and turn the world upside down.

Reprogram your satellites so that they have a square orbit.

Rewrite all of your books (because there will be at least one Greek word in each one of them).

Erase from your daily life every Greek word.

Rewrite the Christian gospels, change the name of Jesus Christ because that comes from Greek as well, meaning the one who has the nomination.

Change the shape of every temple (not having the Greek geometry) Erase Great Alexander.

Erase all of your mythical and historical heroes.

Change your education and the name of History as well.

Change the names of your universities.

Change your ways of writing, use the Arabic.

Erase your philosophy.

Erase, erase, erase…………In the end you will say “Impossible”

”That’s right because afterwards you won’t even be able to form a sentence. You can’t erase Greece, the Greek, his worth on this planet… The challenge is still on though!!”

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